26. Juni 2020
Freud-Institut Zürich

Vortragszyklus «British Psychoanalysis»

Dieser Vortrag wird über Videowebinar angeboten, eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich.

The surviving object: psychoanalytic essays on psychic survival

Jan Abram, Prof. (London)

Der Vortrag ist in Englisch.

Introduction: Eva Schmid-Gloor, lic. phil. (Zürich) 

In this lecture I will introduce a survey of my work on Winnicott that has evolved during the past thirty years. I have proposed that Winnicott’s concept ‘survival of the object’ in his 1969 paper ‘The use of an object’ offers an alternative formulation to Freud’s ‘death instinct’ and to Melanie Klein’s interpretation of the ‘death instinct’. The development and integration of the individual’s innate benign aggression towards the object m/Other depends on the psychic ‘survival of the object.’ Predicated on Winnicott’s late formulations I have proposed the dual concept of an intrapsychic surviving object and an intrapsychic non surviving object. Both objects are initially subjective and emanate from the object’s survival and non survival of the infant’s ruthless needs. The specifics of the inter-psychic dynamics that take place in the early parent-infant relationship constitute the foundations of human development, which will be revivified in the transference- countertransference matrix of the analytic relationship. In my presentation I will be examining the themes of this proposed advance to Winnicott’s work and with a clinical example reflect on its relevance today in relation to online analysis in the context of Covid-19.

Jan Abram is a training and supervising analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society in private practice in London. She is a visiting professor at University College London and Vice President of the European Psychoanalytic Federation. She published The Language of Winnicott in 1996 (2nd edition 2007); Donald Winnicott Today amongst numerous other publications. Her forthcoming book is a collection of her previously published papers - The surviving object: clinical essays on psychic survival. www.janabram.com 

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