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Anmeldung zum Zyklusvortrag mit Fakhry Davids vom 11. September 2020 (Webinar)

Internal racism

20.30-22.00 Uhr

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The concept of internal racism arose out of a need to make sense of a breakdown in functioning, accompanied by a pull to political correctness, that can arise when clinician and patient are from different ethnicities or cultures. I suggest that this stems from unconscious guilt associated with internal racism, which a feature of the normal human mind.  I begin with a historical example of an analyst’s failure to recognise her patient’s response to her racist stereotyping of him, which led to the treatment breaking down. I show how an understanding of internal racist mechanisms can shed light on this problem. I then outline the model of internal racism, which accounts for how a relationship between self and “racial” other is installed internally. I end with case material that illustrates the complex ways in which the racist structure was deployed as a defence against awareness of dependency, and the clinical problems that flowed from this.

M Fakhry Davids MSc (Clin Psych) is a psychoanalyst in full-time clinical practice in London. Originally from South Africa, he is a Fellow and Training Analyst of the British Psychoanalytic Society, a Member of the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists, and a founding Board Member of PCCA (Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities,, a German charity that works with the psychological aftermath of mass atrocities such as the Holocaust and Nakba. He holds honorary appointments in the Tavistock Clinic, Psychoanalysis Unit, University College London and the University of Essex.  He is author of Internal Racism: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Race and Difference.

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